Test Run

I love blogs.  All kinds.  Cooking, traveling, photography, yoga, hiking, you name it.  I’ve wanted to start one up for a long time, and I finally have a reason to;  my boyfriend and I are traveling to Thailand and around Asia starting at the end of January 2012.  While getting my life packed into a 65 liter nylon backpack, I’m mentally, emotionally, physically, and now technologically preparing!  Blogging is going to be a great way to document my travels and keep family and friends updated.  So, I’ll be doing a few test runs to get the hang of it before I head off across the world.

My boyfriend, Jesse and I just got home from a couple weeks in the beautiful Northwest.  Between visiting family, friends and relaxing we fit in a camping trip to the Olympic National Forest.  A gorgeous place, especially in the summertime, we ended up at the Hoh Rainforest.  Pictures can’t capture the mystical beauty of such a place, but here’s to hoping!





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  1. Great Pictures! Can’t wait to hear all about Thailand! ^_^ only a few more months!

  2. Test runs!!?! Let’s see them! I love your blog already!!

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