Photo Shoot

My good friend Yari and I have very similar taste when it comes to decor and photography.  She approached me a month or so ago because she wanted to do a 50s, pin-up style calendar for her husband as a Christmas gift.  Not having much experience photographing people, I was a bit hesitant – but I’m so glad I decided to explore unfamiliar territory!  It was a blast deciding which costumes and accessories to use, and scope out different locations that would fit our theme.  The pictures came out better than I could’ve imagined, and she’s inspired me to consider starting up a freelance photography business.

Here’s some pictures from the two photo shoots we’ve done in the past few weeks:

Thanks for looking 🙂




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  1. these are an absolute blast!! you should truly consider lifestyle photography for catalogs…

  2. Fantastic Photos! Timeless….yet 50 ‘s look for sure. You have talent.

  3. Great shots! I think you could make a living taking photos. You should look into that.

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