So here we are, April 9…only 40 more days until Jesse and I head off to Singapore, the start of our journey around Southeast Asia.  We’re in the middle of buying travel gear, selling our possessions, getting vaccinations, and counting down the days til our jobs are finished!  Lots to do, but strangely for me, I feel a deep sense of calm.  I feel like I’ve probably read every blog and every forum there is to read about traveling, traveling as a couple, traveling Southeast Asia, what to pack, what not to pack – I’ve covered it all!

In the meantime, I’m keeping busy with work and pottery!  I started learning to throw on the wheel at the beginning of January, and I’m completely addicted.  It’s an incredible feeling, working with your hands and creating something so organic, so earthly.  There is an enormous amount to learn about pottery, and I feel like I haven’t even made a dent yet.  It’s not discouraging at all, knowing that I know nothing, but it excites me to keep on with it in the future!  I put a couple of pictures up of some of my pottery thus far.  It’s some of the very first stuff I made, so I’m excited to see what it will evolve into when I gain a deeper understanding.

I want to practice putting a few pictures on here so I can keep up while we’re traveling.  Here’s some of the Pipeline, on the North Shore of O’ahu, and some of my pottery.


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  1. April 10, 2012 — 3:04 AM

    laura! your pottery is so impressive!!

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