We’ve made it!  After 25 hours of traveling, we have arrived in Singapore.  It seems like a utopian city, at first glance.  The streets are incredibly clean, the foliage is perfectly manicured, and everyone is driving brand new Mercedes’ and BMWs.  It’s about the same cost of living as in America, and English is the main language, so it hasn’t been too bad getting around.  It was probably harder flying from Honolulu to Shanghai on a plane where not one word of English was spoken!

Jesse and I are staying here for the next two days and then we’re bussing it to Malacca, Malaysia.  It’s really nice, traveling.  I could get used to this.  No work, no worries (besides deciding where to eat…), no rush.

So here’s some eye candy…the first few pictures are from the last days we spent in Hawaii.  My friend Merissa showed me this place called Kamehame Ridge, which had incredible views of the windward side of O’ahu.  Not a bad ending to my time in Hawaii…

Miss Glory on Kamehame Ridge
View of the reef and picnickers in Waimanalo
Glory and I on Kamehame Ridge
Side street in the East Coast neighborhood of Singapore
Out to dry
Jesse on Marine Parade Road in Singapore
Colorful architecture
Joo Chiang Rd. Singapore

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