Little India

Yesterday Jesse and I found our way to Little India, a culturally rich neighborhood of Singapore.  There were countless numbers of silk vendors, flower makers, restaurants, and jewelry shops.  It was really, really hot walking around, so we took our pictures, soaked in the colors and sounds and aromas, and went “home” to pack our bags.  For our last dinner in Singapore we went a Thai restaurant on East Coast Rd.  Got ourselves a refreshingly cold Singha beer, and I had the most delicious bowl of Tom Yum soup.  The broth was so rich and flavorful, with just the right amount of spice; compared to eating cheap Thai food back in Honolulu, this soup was heaven…

…and now off to Melaka!  We caught a bus this morning from Singapore straight thru to Melaka, Malaysia.  On the bus ride it occurred to me how flat Singapore was, and how flat Malaysia (at least southern) seemed compared to what I was expecting!  Spending the past 4 1/2 years in Hawaii made me appreciate the mountains greatly, especially when they’re right next to the ocean.

Jesse and I are staying at the River View Guest House, right on the Melaka River.  It’s got an incredible view up and down the river from this cute terrace covered in bougainvillea.   I’ll post some pictures of it tomorrow.  For now, here’s a few from Little India…

Serangoon Rd. Little India, Singapore
Silk shop

Jesse, Little India

Laura, Little India

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