Here it is, our second full day in Melaka, Malaysia.  The past couple of nights there were thunder and lightning storms, and we woke up to a rainy city.  It was a welcome change from the intense heat we felt in Singapore.  Yesterday was one of the most relaxing days I can remember having in a long, long time.  We got up early, had fruit for breakfast, and our days was filled with walking around the city, taking pictures, reading by the river, and eating some good food.  For lunch we ate at a restaurant called Nancy’s Restaurant.  It served a type of food called Baba Nyonya…it’s a fusion of Malay and Chinese cuisine, from when the Chinese men came to Melaka and married the Malaysian women.

Today was filled with Skype and FaceTime, finally being able to get in touch with our friends and family! So nice to see familiar faces that we love.  And now, we run!  We’re going for a nice jog along the river once it gets cooler.  They have these beautiful lights that hang by the river at night, and on one end they have blue and green lights to reflect…it reminds me of Niagra Falls (er, without the falls…).

As promised, more pictures for those living vicariously thru our travels!

Cafes along Jonker St.
Old houses along the Melaka River
Muslim couple learning how to cut open durian!
Murals along the Melaka River give it a really nice feel



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  1. I love the photos! Especially the murals! It was great to skype with you last night too! You were just glowing! Ah, it was so lovely to see you so happy!

  2. Yo, pictures look dope! Definitely digging the Rambutan shot. Keep it up!

  3. Nice photos!!! Maybe contact some travel agencies. They always need good travel photos. You could travel and get paid for it.

  4. Love that Orangutan house, how cute!

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