Last Days In Melaka

Well, Jesse is out for a run along the river, but there’s absolutely no way you could get me to run in this heat.  Today is the first day that it’s been sunny in Melaka.  Without the cloud cover it seems 10 degrees hotter and so much more humid.  Three showers a day isn’t sounding so crazy anymore!

So instead of spending another four or five days here, we both feel that we’ve seen what we have to see in Melaka; tomorrow we are headed to Kuala Lumpur.  By bus, it’s only 1-2 hours away.  We’re looking forward to a bigger city.  It’s amazing how quickly humans adapt…just staying in Melaka for the past 6 days, I feel that it’s much smaller than I initially perceived.  Getting to know the street layouts, the feeling of when the city wakes up and when it goes to sleep, we are getting into the daily flow of life here.  What I love most is how we’re seeing familiar faces around town already.

Last night (Friday) Jesse and I took a walk down Jonker St.  It’s the famous street in Melaka that all the tourists flock to.  It reminded me a bit of Waikiki, with countless vendors selling plastic toys, sandals, clothes, desserts, fried cuttlefish, pineapple tarts, antiques and a whole booth dedicated to compact disc cleaners!  After looking up what foods we should try, we ended up eating popiah for dinner, followed by some cendol.  Popiah is a Fujian-style spring roll (more like a crepe-textured wrapper) filled with lettuce, onion, eggs, tofu, sprouts, and bean sauce.  The cendol is pretty much shave ice, so you can’t go wrong with that.

Here’s some photos of our last days in Melaka, enjoy!

Two shop owners across the street from our guest house
This shop owner always looked deep in thought…
Christ Church
Ruins of St. Paul’s Church
Jesse took this picture of a little girl running around the ruins
Laura, ruins
Jesse, ruins
Cutest little girl posing for my picture!
Picturesque Melaka
Lizards we spotted by the river
Eating fruit by the river
Bridge to Kampung Morten, the last village that lives the traditional Malay lifestyle
Jesse at the LImau Limau Cafe

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  1. I am loving your blog!!

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