Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I apologize for the lack of updates!  Going from a small town like Melaka to an international city such as Kuala Lumpur (KL) is a huge difference.  Jesse and I have been busy walking all over town, seeing new things everyday.  We’ve stumbled on some pretty amazing sights without having any intention!  As Jesse says, we’re too blessed to be stressed…

The first full day we had in KL we decided to check out the Batu Caves.  They’re about 15km north of the city, so we caught the light rail early in the afternoon.  With a background of enormous limestone cliffs, the first thing you see is a large statue of the Hindu god Murugan.  After walking up 272 steps, you reach the cave entrance.  Only a little further and you get to a Hindu shrine where followers are actively worshipping.  It’s a pretty amazing sight!

Yesterday Jesse and I wandered around the city in our running shoes, hoping to find Lake Gardens.  It’s so big that you don’t really know where you are in the park!  We found a sculpture garden, and appropriately enough for the holiday, we stumbled upon a memorial square.  For dinner we decided to get some street food on Jalan Alor.  We learned the hard way that this street is actually known for its higher priced restaurants…and of course I just had to have an entire steamed fish!  Regardless, the splurge on food was completely worth it.

Last night we met up with a friend of a friend, Rob and his wife Makiko.  After some drinks, Thai food, and good conversation we walked home and found Merdeka Square.  Yesterday I learned that “merdeka” means “independence”.  It was a huge open field and families and kids were playing around with bubbles and light up toys.  It reminded me of being a kid in the summer, not a care in the world!  Across the street was Masjid Jemak, one of the oldest mosques in KL.

We started off today by walking to the KL train station, which is a gorgeous building mixing eastern and western styles of architecture.  Seeking out some shade, we happened to find the National Mosque.  I have to say, that has been the highlight of our trip so far.  The symmetry and beauty of the building was incredible, and once inside a volunteer named Wan enlightened us about Islam and how the National Mosque was unique in many ways compared to traditional ones.

Welp, that’s enough writing for me!  Here’s some pictures from the last few days…

Batu Caves
Inside the caves

Jesse, Batu Caves
Mama & baby monkey!
Escaping the heat
Masjid Jemak
KL Railway Station
Laura, Railway Headquarters

Jesse, outside the National Mosque
Inside the National Mosque

Jesse & Laura, National Mosque



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  1. Well done! Right now i’m in Indonesia…maybe next month

  2. Nice picture

  3. wow, I’m just blown away by you and all your experiences!

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