Around Town

The past few days in Kuala Lumpur we’ve been running around town, lots to see, lots to do!  For starters, we needed to go to the Thai Embassy to apply for our tourist visas.  Those allow us to stay in Thailand for a total of 60 days, hassle free!  Getting a visa is a two-day process, so the first day we went to drop off our application and passport, and the second day we went back to collect them.  We’ve been walking everywhere, too, so it’s safe to say we’re tracking at least 3-5 miles each day!

While looking for a voltage converter the other day, we discovered Low Yat Plaza.  It’s a six-story shopping plaza dedicated completely to electronics.  Anything you could possibly want – phones, computers, gadgets, GPSs, harddrives, they have at least ten different stores you could buy it from!  So it was very unlikely that we would find one of our favorite places to eat lunch at in this plaza.  It’s called Vegegood Restaurant…all vegetarian Chinese food.  And with a cheap, buffet-style lunch, you just can’t go wrong!  We’ve been there three times in the past two days 🙂

Today Jesse and I are headed to Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, right near the KL Tower.  It’s about a ten minute walk from our guest house.  Here’s some photos for today, and next post I’ll have some from the Forest Reserve and the Petronas Towers.

Monkey at the Batu Caves
Jalan Alor – a great place to grab a bite for dinner
Night view of the KL Tower
KTM Headquarters (transportation hub)
Fountain outside of the National Mosque
Architecture inside the National Mosque

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