Thailand’s Gulf Coast

Well, well, well it has certainly been a while since I’ve updated you guys!  But at least this time I have a good excuse.  Jesse and I have linked up with a wonderful couple from the UK, Tom and Gev.  We’re helping them out this month with their online marketing, in exchange for a place to stay here on Koh Samui.  It’s been nice to get into a little routine again, working for a few hours in the morning and then having the rest of the day to ride around on our moped and explore the island.

I’ll make this post into two…this one with stories and photos from Koh Phangan, and the next post will have pictures from Koh Samui.  Our first day on Koh Samui was meeting up with Tom and Gev and their two other interns, Trish and Enda, both from Ireland.  It’s been nice meeting a group of people that we see on the daily, as opposed to new faces every day!

The other day we walked to Bangrak beach, which is right down the street from where we’re staying.  While walking along the beach we noticed these beasts in the ocean…water buffalo!  Who would’ve thought!  It was pretty cool to see them just slink into the water, covering themselves up to their ears.

Yesterday for an hour or so before sunset (since anytime before that is damn hot) we took a ride to Big Buddha.  It’s an enormous golden statue of Buddha with a dharma wheel behind him.  Quite impressive.  But this afternoon we went to Chedi Khao Hua Jook, a beautiful stupa overlooking Chaweng Lake and the Gulf of Thailand.  It was an incredibile, quiet refuge from the busyness of the towns down below.

Afterwards Jesse and I took a leisurely ride up the northeast coast of the island and stumbled upon Wat Plai Laem.  This was absolutely stunning!  It was a handful of temples only a few meters from each other.  The first one you see is the white Buddha with eighteen arms.  Then there is Suwannaram Temple, which sits upon a huge lotus flower.  Inside was what I thought the Buddhist equivalent of the Vatican!  The ceilings and walls were so intricately painted, the colors and patterns were stunning.  Pictures can hardly do it justice (although I definitely tried).

Now that the day’s heat has left me tired and dirty, I am off to relax and watch Game of Thrones with Jesse.  That’s a good show.

Lizard outside our bungalow, eatin’ the bugs for us 🙂
Ao Chao Phao beach, Koh Phangan

Quintessential Koh Phangan
You could just walk along the beach and find bungalows to rent, restaurants to eat at or pirate parties..

Jesse and Laura eating…Thai food!
Sunset over Ao Chao Phao beach
Jesse, Ao Chao Phao beach
Laura, with her sweet new, purple elephant sarong!
15 second exposure…gives it a dreamy feel



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  1. aww I love the water buffalo! How cool! Yes, yes, post those buddah pictures Miss you!

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