Koh Samui Pictures

As promised, here’s a big post filled with pictures I’ve taken so far on Koh Samui.  We’re here for the next three weeks, so I’m sure you’ll see a large part of the island through these photos…enjoy!

Jesse at the Tuk Tuk Bar, Koh Samui
Water buffalo on Bangrak Beach
Jesse’s new friend
Even water buffalo get need a refreshing dip sometimes
Big Buddha, Koh Samui
Bell at Big Buddha

Big Buddha

Jesse and Laura, near Big Buddha

At a loss for what type of caterpillar this is…but beautiful nonetheless!
Overlooking Chaweng Lake and the Gulf of Thailand
Chedi Khao Hua Jook
Laura, Chedi Khao Hua Jook

Suwannaram Temple, Wat Plai Laem
Inside Suwannaram Temple

Eighteen-armed Buddha, Wat Plai Laem
Other temples at Wat Plai Laem (too many names to keep track of!)
Happy Buddha, Wat Plai Laem
Back side of Suwannaram Temple

Jesse and Laura at Wat Plai Laem



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