Back to the Grind

I have to say, I’m loving life on Koh Samui!  We’ve been here for 10 days, and have developed a little routine to our days.  Routine may sound boring to some, but it’s nice to have a little consistency after three weeks of having no plans, just waking up whenever you want and leisurely deciding how to spend your day (although that is nice, too).

Jesse and I have been waking up around 7am and working until around 1pm.  Then we grab a little lunch, maybe go scope out some sights, look for a promising dinner spot, and then come “home” to relax.  It feels good getting to know our neighborhood and the little shop owners down the street.  I feel like no matter where you go, you can always make it feel like home.

Last weekend we took a ride around the whole of Koh Samui.  It’s an incredibly small island, and if you go non-stop, it’ll probably only take you about 45 minutes to an hour.  We stopped at a couple view points and at this site called Hin Ta Hin Yai, which means grandfather and grandmother rock.  It’s these rock formations that look like, well, male and female genitalia!  Sure, why not.  It ended up being a really nice spot, regardless of the private parts.  We walked through a trail and found The Rock Bar, which is this really chill bar made out of bamboo that is built on the rocks overlooking the bay.  A great spot if you want to escape the heat, quench your thirst, and just sit back and enjoy island life.

There was also this little cove to the left that was just calling my name.  It’s incredible turquoise waters begged to be swum in.  And swim we did.

Later that night, we went with our two new Irish buddies, Enda and Trish, to a bar to see Muay Thai!  It was definitely a spectacle for tourists, but an interesting experience no doubt.  We saw many things: a young girl knock out a woman who was old enough to be her mother; a young skinny boy give an old senile man with missing teeth a run for his money; women who could definitely have been men; men who were obviously dressed as women…it was a good time 🙂

On our to do list is go karts, waterfalls, cheap Thai food for every lunch and dinner, not getting anymore mosquito bites, more temples, more beaches.  Until next time…!

Happy basket man near FIsherman’s Village
Lone fisherman
A little restaurant where we stopped for smoothies (only B70 = $2.25!  Way better than Jamba Juice)
The Jess-meister
Near Fisherman’s Village
Coconut man, who makes the most delicious homemade coconut ice cream. Served in a freshly cut coconut, AND you get some coconut juice while you wait. Mmm.
We stopped at this lookout near Chaweng
I was just going for a shot of the door when this woman swung open the doors – I’ll settle for this mysterious candid, instead.
Gulf of Thailand, beautiful!
A great hair day!
This was the incredible little cove we swam in near Hin Ta Hin Yai
Jesse at the cove
Laura and her new dog
Homemade driftwood bar, near The Rock Bar
Jesse, with Laura’s new dog
The Rock Bar
The crowd (note: all farang) waiting for the Muay Thai fight to start
Young woman (W) vs. old woman (L)
Muay Thai fighter
Enda, Trish and Jesse having way too much fun 🙂



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