Samui Life TV

Our friend Trish just started an internship with a television station here on Koh Samui, called Samui Life TV.  She hopes to establish a career in television or film production someday, so it’s a great opportunity for her…she basically has free reign in terms of production, so she’s covering all the activities to do on the island.  And that’s why last week we got to go on an ATV tour and drive some go karts for free!

It’s all who you know.

Anyways, that was a super fun day (yes we did them both in the same afternoon!).  Jesse had the pleasure of interviewing the business owners and saying a little something about the activity.  The ATV tour was pretty cool, you ride thru the jungle on these trails that run thru the backyards of locals.  Lots of water buffalo, pigs, ducks, etc.  The go karts were really, really fun, and we had a blast riding around in circles for 20 minutes!

Jesse and I finally fell into a routine of running each day around 6 o’clock, when the sun is setting and the heat isn’t too bad.  We found that a lot of local people run around Chaweng Lake, or just go to play soccer or do yoga.  I saw a whole platform of women, about 30 of them, doing Zumba the other night!  For some reason, it reminds me of China…even though I’ve never stepped foot into China…

After our run yesterday we walked to this little restaurant I noticed earlier.  For dinner I had the most delicious bowl of sour, spicy Tom Yum soup I’ve ever had!  I’m going to convince Jesse to head there again tonight.

Market near Chaweng Lake
Ah, young love
Carnival games at the market
Hopped out of bed in her pajamas just for some chicken on a stick!
Dirty, dirty pigs we drove past on our ATVs
Melody, Trish and Rick, the owner

Baby water buffalo!
Rick, ATV owner
Fixing up some 4 wheelers
Trish filming, Jesse interviewing!
One of the prettiest sunsets I’ve ever laid eyes on

Jesse, admiring the sunset
Making papaya salad
Weird stuff. On toast.

Delicious curry fish cakes
Some type of sweet coconut mixture was stuffed inside and grilled…we’ll try some next week!
Sock monkeys!
Jesse, Gev and Tom, cheering on the local entertainment
This is who Jesse calls “the Thai Johnny Depp”…he made me a mean Gin Fizz, and Jesse a “Sierra Sunrice”. He also featured a Blue Hawi…
Jesse and Laura at the Muay Thai fight



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