Island Life is Good

Well, we’re coming to a close here on Koh Samui.  We’re leaving for Bangkok on Saturday, July 7.  A 12 hour bus ride will take us right into the heart of the city, which will be a crazy change from this laid back lifestyle we’ve been in.

Lately we’ve just been working, checking out good places to eat, running around Chaweng Lake each day around sunset, and keeping cool!  Our friend Trish is leaving to go back home to Ireland this Thursday, so we’re making the most of her last days here.  We even checked out our first Thai movie theater last night.  It’s not quite so different than the US, except you have assigned seating (which actually makes a lot of sense!) and you have to stand for the Thai national anthem before each movie.  It was quite interesting, the song blaring and the screen showing hundreds of pictures of Thai locals and the King.

So we’ve been going to the same hot pot restaurant to get my Tom Yum soup for the past five days (in a row!).  I’m almost embarrassed, but really, if you tried this soup you would have to agree.  It’s so nice not eating fried rice or fried noodles every day as well.  The ladies there have come to recognize us by now.  One of the women even brought us our drinks with the straws across the top of the cup with ice hanging from it (Jesse figured it made the ice melt faster that way) – it was the sweetest thing!

Well I haven’t been taking many photos this past week, so here are some from the past couple weeks I haven’t shared yet, and also a few from my camera phone (excuse the poor quality!).

Hope you enjoy, we miss you! 🙂

Buddha Fortune Teller
Flowers at the stupa in Chaweng
Chedi Khao Hua Jook
Candles at Big Buddha
So many dogs running around Thailand!
Monk chat
Old flowers at Wat Plai Laem
True words from Fisherman’s Village, Bo Phut

Relaxing Saturday at Crystal Cove
Awesome bird at one of the local gas stations, has a beautiful song!
I was told not to eat papaya salad, but she makes the best!
How the waitress brought us our water – made my day!
The one, the only Tom Yum soup that stole my heart



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