A Day in the Life

In the midst of researching what there is to do and see when we reach Bangkok, Jesse and I took a long stroll down our road in Bangrak.  After grabbing dinner with Trish and Enda, we were stuck in a thunder/lightning/rain storm.  The storms here have been crazy!  Not really in terms of rain, but the lightning is just out of this world!  As we were driving home, I was looking straight up at bolts of thunder ripping across the sky!

We plan on watching The Bridge on the River Kwai this week because we are planning to head to Kanchanaburi.  It’s a small town about an hour outside of Bangkok where there is a bridge…over a river…named Kwai.  It’s actually not *the* bridge that’s in the film, but it’s loosely based on its construction.

All of the following photos were taken on the walk down our road.  It’s a long road with lots of restaurants and local houses, so there was a lot to see!  Also, don’t mind the handful of lightning photos at the end, it was my first time trying to photograph lightning…fun 🙂


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  1. Love your photos. Love to you and Jesse!

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