A Thai 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!  I hope everyone back home had a relaxing, food- and fun-filled day, with lots of fireworks.  Our day here in Koh Samui was relaxing, but as Jesse put it, it was one of the most “unpatriotic” 4th of July’s that we’ve ever had!  No surprise there, though.  To make it special, a few of us set off some paper lanterns from Bophut Beach near Fisherman’s Village.  It was a beautiful night with the full moon and cool breeze, and it carried our lanterns as far as you could see.

Today is laundry day!  We are starting to get out things together to leave for Bangkok.  I can’t wait to get to the city!

Soccer/football players at Chaweng Lake
That puddle stayed there for three days after the big rain storm. It’s so humid there’s no chance of it going away any faster!

Taking a break from picking up bottle caps to see what I’m doing!
View of Chedi Khao Hua Jook on top of the hill
Always a nice sunset at the lake
You can’t begin to imagine how many mopeds there are in Thailand..

Bars and restaurants light up the beach at night near Fisherman’s Village

Enda lighting a lantern
Mike and Shirley lighting off their lantern
Yes, it’s definitely magical!
Jesse’s lantern

Laura lighting her lantern

Trish’s last night in Thailand
I didn’t give great instructions to the guy using my camera…learned my lesson!
A fluke picture by the guy who didn’t know how to use my camera! Ha!




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  1. i love the lantern lighting! we should do that at your wedding!!!

  2. you also weren’t wearing your red white and blue outfit-that’s why it was so unpatriotic!!

  3. Lorelei Tinkham July 7, 2012 — 1:54 AM

    Enjoy your photos and your blog….simply fabulous! Stay safe, have fun, much love, Lorelei

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