Bangkok … Hottest City on the Planet

Phewww, it’s a scorcher out there!  I know friends and family back in Rhode Island are experiencing some crazy heat as well, but this Bangkok heat is like no other!  During the daytime Jesse and I have been helping out at Tailek’s House in the Huai Khwang neighborhood.  There’s not much going on around here, but the rail station is only a 10 minute walk away.  We’ve been taking that and the SkyTrain to various downtown locales to check out what Bangkok has to offer.  I’ve heard firsthand that many people simply do not like Bangkok.

“It’s too polluted,” “it’s too hot,” “it’s too chaotic” … well, I find that most major cities fit this criteria, so I wasn’t too shocked when we arrived here!  I actually like Bangkok.  There’s a lot to do, awesome public transportation, endless places to get good food, temples galore, markets on every street corner…it’s fun.  I don’t know if I could live here, but for 10 days, I love it.  And we didn’t even check out the nightlife or Chinatown or anything – we’ll have to save that for when we stop here in the next month or two.

On Wednesday we’re headed to Khao Yai National Park!  I’m stoked, this is our first National Park visit on the trip, and I’m really hoping to see some Asiatic elephants and bears and gibbons and lots of birds.  After that, the plan is Sukhothai for a couple days and then to rent an apartment in Chiang Mai for a month.  I’m excited to settle in somewhere and unpack my bag.  Folded, wrinkly clothes just don’t look as nice 🙂

Here are some photos of the past couple days here.  We were really happy to meet up with our friend, Mimi who is from here.  She took us for a nice western-style bacon and eggs breakfast and then showed us around Chatuchack Market.  It’s an enormous market that happens only on the weekends.  They have just about anything you could want – pottery, statues, chess sets, lamps, rugs, food, drinks, jewelry and half of the most useless random stuff you can imagine.  It was great.

Mountains of pottery!
This guy selling bubbles was harassing everyone at Chatuchack Market! Cheap entertainment 🙂
The sweetest guide for the day, Mimi!
Jesse and the ever-growing beard at Chatuchack Market
Spontaneous dance by the local seaweed chip company
The cutie Tailek!
Thai dancers at Erawan Shrine

Praying at Erawan Shrine


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  1. yayay apartment for 1 month! You’ll have to send me your address! (I have a pile of things building up for people, so I’ll add yours to that trip!) But hey hey! I want some photos of my pretty Laura too! Have Jesse take some! and I want real-time uploads of those animals! How cool! I’m excited for you!

  2. Ok, I’m getting greedy but I kinda wanted an update today!!

  3. Can’t wait for elephants!

  4. still no updates?! Where’s those elephants! The public wants to knowww!

  5. I still love all these photos!

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