Sukhothai, Thailand

Jesse and I woke up early the morning after our jungle adventure to hop on a bus from Pak Chong to Sukhothai.  We were debating whether to go to Sukhothai or to Ayutthaya.  Sukhothai was the old capitol of Siam, and Ayutthaya was the second capitol city after that.  Both have historical parks where people can go see the ruins.

We decided on Sukhothai, after talking to a few of our Thai friends and researching a bit online.  Sukhothai seemed to be a grander spectacle and was much more compact in its layout, so it is easier to walk or bike around the ruins.

After spending a couple days relaxing in the new city of Sukhothai, we made it to the historical park.  It was our last day in the city, and our only chance of seeing the ruins.  And it was raining!  Thankfully, it wasn’t a monsoon-type rain, but a drizzly, calm rain that chilled you rather slowly instead of instantaneously.  The bright side was that we had the place all to ourselves!  The entire day walking around, we saw ten, maybe twenty people scattered across the 800 acres of the park.  The rain kept us peaceful and quiet and mindful of where we were and how lucky we were to be there.  It was a really, really nice day.

Jesse in his stylish poncho!





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  1. Nice poncho! I’m surprised you embraced the poncho-mania. I know they are the height of fashion when it’s POURING!
    Jesse used to go to school in the winter without a coat because that was the cool thing to do! That Kingston kid would be very embarassed by the poncho.

  2. Embarrassed? Oh no, Dan. He looooves that poncho! But keep in mind, we don’t know anyone out here 🙂

  3. wow I really like the ripples with the algae…. ah, magnificent!!

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